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Лис 27, 2019

Ilchuk, P., Kots, O. (2019).

Nexus between monetary instruments and Ukrainian economy indicators: monograph. Lviv, Publisher “Novyi Svit – 2000”, 154 p.

ISBN 978-617-7519-46-0

The monograph outlines the major monetary instruments used today by the National Bank of Ukraine and identifies their impact on the macroeconomic indicators dynamics. Thus, detailed attention is paid to inflation targeting as a new regime of the monetary policy for Ukraine, the world experience of its application and realities for Ukraine, to the impact of the National Bank of Ukraine interest rate on banks credit and deposit rates, to the international reserves management in the context of transition to the free capital circulation regime, to the refinancing operations of banks in terms of regulating the banking system’s liquidity of Ukraine, to the Ukrainian economy dollarization and the mechanism of its reduction.

The use of the monograph is recommended for students of economic specialties of higher education institutions, graduate students, teachers, researchers and practitioners.

Взаємозв язок між монетарними інструментами та показниками економіки України